Sunday, 3 May 2020


This is a collection of articles that come from my research over the past 15 years as well as stories I've heard or been told about our ancestors.  There are some pictures and I would welcome more if anyone would like to share. 

 It is arranged under the 4 Surnames of my grandparents: Rosser, Hawks, Hedin and Nyqvist.  As the Blog grows, I will add categories under these 4 names for other surnames in the line.  My goal is to go back as far as possible, to widen each generation to aunts and uncles and then bring their descendents forward.

Rosser line goes back to late 1700s in Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales
Hawks line has no information as Grandmother was adopted and information lacking
Hedin line is from Fryksände, Gräsmark and Sunne Parish in Värmland, Sweden and goes back to 1650
Nyqvist line is from Skaraborg and Ålvsborg in Sweden  and to 1748

Monday, 27 April 2020

Gustav Jönsson Högfeldt Hedin (1866-1936)

Born the year before his father was discharged from the Military he grew up in a family noted for their emphasis on education.  He probably spent the same amount of time in school as his older brother (see his Certificate), Johan.  In Canada, his children attended as far as they could in the local schools and he served on the School Board for ======.   Confirmed at 14 in the Lutheran Church he attended the church in Canada.  ,

At age 27 he went from Gräsmark in Värmland north to Jämtland, a province  to work as a labourer in 1893. There met and married Brita Gabrielsdotter in 1894 and they had 4 children, the youngest son dying before they immigrated to Canada in 1902.  A  small ship from Trondheim, Norway took them to Hull, England to travel by train to Liverpool where they took a larger ship to Canada, arriving in Montreal 6 June 1902 destination Wetaskiwin.  He was marked as a farm owner, albeit of a very small piece of land so why immigrate and why Wetaskiwin? 

He filed for a Homestead  and lived there until December 1905 when Brita died and he let the Homestead lapse as he went to work.  The 1906 Canadian Census showed the 2 older children using the name Holm (his grandfather’s surname and living with Erick Simonsen’s family and marked as cousins.  The youngest, Christine Hedin  was 8 and living with August Rostburg and family and listed as a servant.  Where was Gustaf?  I understand that he worked for the railroad so was this why he was not with them nor on the Census.

Two trips back to Sweden, one in 1908 and the second in 1910. Did he go to find a good Swedish wife?  Probably as he travelled back on Feb 8 1911 with Emma Eleonora Ulrika Nyqvist and married her in Calgary on February 23rd before travelling on to Wetaskiwin.

18 Feb 1911 he returned from Sweden so he had made a 2nd trip there.  Why? When?  Was it to find another wife as he returned with Emma Nyqvist and they married in Calgary on the 23 of Feb before they arrived in Wetaskiwin.  They were in the 1911 Census in Wetaskiwin